Our knowledge & licenses in both Solar PV Design & Installation (SEDA Certificate) and Green Building Index (GBI) Facilitator will enhance our “Design & Build” capability in implementing Solar PV System as part of Building Materials / Building Structures more effectively.

Known for our project management expertise and experiences, we enhance each project’s cost effectiveness through implementation of cost-saving solutions which are highly beneficial and valued added to our customers.

Through our alliance with our Associate Company i.e. Amptech M&E Sdn. Bhd., we have the capability of providing “Design & Build” solutions for HV/LV electrical services as follows:

  • HV/LV Electrical Services for Renewable Energy (RE) Plants i.e. Biomass, Biogas, Mini Hydro & Solar PV Farms;
  • HV/LV Electrical Interconnection from RE Plants to TNB Grid including anti-islanding & interlocking;
  • To replace 11kV Ring Main Units (RMU) with 11kV Vacuum Circuit Breakers (VCB) at TNB P/E;
  • To couple 11kV VCB & Master Control Panel including SCADA upgrading works at TNB PMU;
  • Upgrading works for TNB/SESB Sub-Stations & outdoor H-Poles;
  • TNB/SESB Sub-Station shutdown, switching and normalizing;
  • Fiber Optics cabling works;
  • Solar PV DC & AC System installation works;
  • Lightning Protection & Earthing System; and
  • Energy Efficiency & Monitoring System.

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Licenses and Certificates of Amptech Engineering

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Director’s profile



Ir. Lee has over 18 years of working experiences in Electrical High Voltage(HV) and Low Voltage(LV) system in both design and installation works. He garnered vast experience in project management, engineering consultancy, contracting and site management for various mega project i.e. solar farms, biomass power plants, hospitals, factories, high rise buildings & infrastructure works.


Ir.Lee obtained his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Hons.) from University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA. and Master of Business Adminstration from University of Alabama in Birmingham, USA.


Ir. Lee is a Corporate Member of The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) and is registered with the Board of Engineers Malaysia as Professional Engineer. He is an active committee member with the Electrical Engineering Technical Division and other Sub-Committee of IEM for the past 10 years and he was the Chairman of the division between 2010 to 2012. Moreover, he enrolled in The Electrical and Electronic Association of Malaysia(TEEAM).

He was involved in the preparation of IEM Position Paper on “Safety Against Fire in Building” in year 2003, drafting Malaysian Standard(MS) under Technical Committee for Lightning & Ballast, SIRIM since year 2008. He is also a member of the workshop that drafted the “Energy Efficiency & Conservation Guidelines for Malaysian Industries Part 1 : Electrical Energy Use Equipment” that has been published in Year 2007 under the stewardship of Ministry of Energy, Green Technologies and Water in Malaysia.

He has also accumulated experiences through Energy Audits for building and industrial plant to improve overall Energy Efficiency and Reduction of Energy Consumption in lightnings, air conditioning, mechanical ventilation and motors. He has been appointed as the Workgroup Chairman in charge of drafting Malaysian Standards(MS) for LED lightings under SIRIM Berhad.

The Certificates Acknowledged to Ir. Lee: